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Banned Literature: Home

Research and information on censorship and banned literature


Welcome to the main page for the Loras College Research Guide on censorship!

This Research Guide was created by an Honors Collaborative Interdisciplinary Project (CIP) group researching censorship. Their research led them to the Catholic Index of Forbidden Texts, a historical case of censorship that relates to the Loras College library, as well as more modern cases of censorship worldwide. They created this Research Guide to catalog the books Loras has in their library that were on the Index of Forbidden Texts, but it also includes information on Censorship, Modern Banned Literature, and Banned Books Week

For more information about their project, please visit their website at

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The Contributors

Back row: Tim Nass, Samantha Vath, Micaela Fosdick, Noelle Henneman. Front row: Anne Evans, Sienna Seas. Not pictured: Kaitlin Yahr.


Samantha Vath

English Literature and Spanish

Sienna Seas

Creative Writing

Micaela Fosdick

Biological Research

Anne Evans

Athletic Training

Noelle Henneman

Creative Writing and Spanish

Timothy Nass

Management Information Systems and Accounting

Kaitlin Yahr

English Literature