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Database Search Strategy: Choose a Database

Choose a Database

The first step of searching for articles is figuring out where to search. The Library licenses many databases, most of them focused on specific subjects.

Choose the Right Database

From a Library "Research Guide." The Library's Research & Information Guides recommend databases that are appropriate for specific subjects. For example, someone who is doing research for a Business Communication course could try the Research Guide for Business or for Communication. Select the appropriate guide, and go to the "Find Articles" tab in each subject guide. 

From the Databases A-Z page. A list of all the library's databases, sortable by subject and type.


About Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a helpful tool, but does not cover all of the content that is available in Loras's licensed databases. It is generally a good idea to use Google Scholar in combination with other databases. 

Also, be sure to add Loras College as your library in Google Scholar's Settings. This will enable you to access more full-text articles. To do this, 

  1. Go to Google Scholar, click on "Settings" and then "Library Links."
  2. Type "Loras" in the search box, and choose "Loras College Library - Find @ Loras College" as one of your Google Scholar libraries. 


Your Librarian

Kristen Smith
ARC 220