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Library Staff: Home

Meet the People who Work Here!

The library staff members are here to help you.  It is our job to help you, besides, it is what we like to do!
If you have any questions, you can contact any of us, but it might accelerate the process if you ask the right person listed below.

Library Employees


Joyce Meldrem
Library Director

Joyce oversees all aspects of the library. Ask her questions about personnel, budget, and the building. If you have purchase suggestions or requests, contact Joyce. You may ask her for help donating materials to the Library, reserving rooms in the library, or anything else that has to do with the library. Sometimes you may find Joyce at the Research Help Center ready to answer your research questions and locating materials in the library & online.
ARC 223; 563-588-7164;

Heidi Pettitt
Special Collections and Technical Services Librarian

Heidi oversees our Special Collections and Rare Book Room including digitizing selected resources. She is also in charge of the library’s technology and cataloging of new library materials. Heidi is the librarian to contact for an instruction session in Special Collections. Heidi also teaches information literacy sessions for MOI and College Writing. You may also find Heidi working at the Research Help Center and answering questions about research and locating materials in the library and online.
ARC 235; 563-588-7873;

Kristen (Kris) Smith
E-Resources and Research Services Librarian

Kristen is responsible for the library’s electronic resources, including the web site, our Research Guides, databases, periodicals, and ebooks. Kris is also our liaison for instruction and you will find her teaching a lot of our upper level instruction. If you can’t connect to the Library’s databases from off-campus, let Kris know. Stop by the Research Help Center to get answers to your research questions from Kris.
ARC 220; 563-588-7042;

Suzanne Ward
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Coordinator

Suzanne is the first stop for questions about our interlibrary loan services. She borrows materials from other libraries for our patrons and she lends materials to other libraries when their patrons request our materials. If you have any questions about ILL, Suzanne is your person! She also puts materials that faculty wish to have on reserve so that all students have an equitable shot at checking them out since their use is limited to 2 hours on reserve.
ARC 143; 563-588-4969;
Donna Welter
Budget and Resource Coordinator

Donna works with the Library Director to pay the library’s bills, balance the library’s budget, and anticipate the expenses for the next year. She also checks in and maintains our print periodical collection as we purposefully move our periodical collection from print to online. She also maintains our online periodical collection. Donna is the go-to person if you’re looking for anything to do with periodicals.
ARC 142; 563-588-7654;
Instruction Services Librarian
Student Employment & Circulation Services Librarian
Liz Busch
Administrative Assistant

Liz assists the Library Director with a multitude of tasks including billing for lost materials, taking and keeping track of minutes for meetings, helps compile statistics for external reporting requirements, handles correspondence, oversees the gift books process, overseeing the library's art collection, and updating borrower records.
ARC 222; 563-588-7009;